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I realized... I'm just not a Basic Bitch

As much as I've loved this room through the years I was ready for change. Something more casual and modern.

I DID love this old design, but I'm happy with what I have going on now and was just ready for a new fresh more modern update.

While working on this project, I was researching perhaps starting my own interior design business. This project turned that idea, straight up on it's ass. This project weaved and bobbed it's way through french provincial to bohemian, back to modern french decor. That's when I realized maybe me working for other people was a REALLY BAD IDEA. I can't live with them 24/7 and move their furniture around until all hours of the night like a mad scientist like I do at home, or buy and return things day after day after day! I'm really not sure how the hell Joanna Gaines just has everything just magically come together on staging day, unless they just cut the scenes of her losing her shit like I do with frustration of trying to get the puzzle pieces together. That's exactly how I explain design to my husband. I don't know how to describe it! There will be objects I like. I have no idea where these damn objects are going IN the room, but they will be IN the room somewhere! Oh yes! They will!

This whole project was spurred off by a THEN friend (we won't go into that backstabber story right now...that's for my next Beachbody tell all blog post, but I digress) that had showed me a cute little desk she had just purchased and I thought , how cute would it be to put a desk in front of the slider and have sunlight! I was currently relegated to the dungeon like feeling of my hall built in desk work space. So I did what I call 'a mock up' with a sofa table I had on Craigs List, borrowed a chair from the dining room and that was it! I loved the concept!

So I started looking for desks. The very next morning the Universe delivered me my wishes and that is when I laid eyes on 'Frenchie'. I could almost swear I heard the heavens open up and the fricken angels sing. She was the most glorious desk that I have been looking for for YEARS, but they were always too expensive, but this desk was quite affordable! First, I lost my shit...THEN, I frantically emailed to see if Frenchie was still available and she was!! So I snatched her up as fast as I could! I added more white paint to her to get rid of the gold accents. I wanted her to be clean and crisp.

Then in the midst of researching project ideas I started finding myself pulled towards the minimalistic bohemian chic shit with the boho hats and scarves hanging from the walls and the cute twinkly lights and tapestries ( probably just my 45 year old ass trying to somehow salvage my youth and hope and wish for a boho wispy frame to go this boho chic bedroom). I started questioning EVERYTHING. I shoved Frenchie in the garage (I still can't believe I EVER put her out there!!) and started buying all the typical boho crap... Tapestries, rugs, pillows, dream catchers and the like. And quite honestly I liked it, but it just didn't feel right. The energy wasn't right? I really can't even pin point what the heck wasn't jiving for me!!!

Here's a photo of me when it was still in the Boho phase. My dumb ass had managed to drive all the way to the gym to meet my workout partner in my damn Ugg Boots. So I had to come all the way home to change shoe and of course take a selfie of my dumb ass.

So after weeks of working on that angle and constantly finding myself gravitating towards more sophisticated items I ended up asking the hubs to help me drag Frenchie back in, and that's when the puzzle started to come back together. I had seen some drapes at IKEA in my travels of shopping weeks earlier that spoke to me, but in no way did they go with the bohemian vibe I was working with at the time. They were way too formal. So when Frenchie came back into the mix I was like, my ass is on my way to IKEA right now!!! They are a beautiful grey with a hue of blueish purple. They just happened to go perfectly with the left over chalk paint I had and used on my Chest I found on Craigs List. The puzzle was coming together!!!

I was inspired by this Armoire I saw on Pinterest.

I got on the prowl for some kind of cute modern chest of some kind for the foot of the bed and found something that was so close to what I had pictured in my head! I LOVED it!

The Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Graphite that I had in the garage was a perfect match! So I painted it and changed the Jetsons looking pulls to something a bit more clean and modern. Love it! Of course, if you know me at all or have been following me for any amount of time, you know my signature on any project is extreme half assery and/or never finishing what I started. This chest is probably what will end up being the unfinished piece. It still needs to be waxed, but I was too excited to not bring it in. So, truth be told it will probably get waxed in a couple of years when I decide Im ready to change my room again and I'm trying to off it on Craigs List, so basically it will get finished out of necessity. Once waxed it will have a deeper darker truer navy color. The 12 string guitar in the photo was my Grandmothers. I LOVE it! She and I were so close and I love that I have some really special pieces from her. The irony about my Grandmother is that we share no DNA because she adopted my mother, yet we were two peas in a pod. She was an interior designer in her day back in Los Angeles. So we loved talking design! She was also one of the classiest most beautiful woman I've ever known. I feel blessed to have had her as a Grandmother. Here she is looking all fly strumming this guitar in the mid 40's in Panama, Cuba.

I'm sure it's pretty evident I have a faux fur addiction. I do love it and I'm not gonna lie, the girls and I might have rolled around on the rug for a good half hour when I brought it home. So far I'm loving the finished result. I realized that though I love the boho chic minimalist look, I'm just not a basic bitch. I gravitate towards the more formal style and that's ok. I can still appreciate that style, but I just simply don't know how to decorate that way. With all the changes of buying multiple desks, rugs etc., I realized perhaps doing this professional isn't in the cards for me. Perhaps it's better in the long run? Doing this for a living might take the fun right out of it. So for now I'll help my friends with little projects and of course change my house every 6 months or so, as I've been doing for, well, over a decade. I also realized, that as much as I loved the relaxed basic bohemian vibe, I'm just not a basic bitch. I'm a fancy bitch. And that's just that.

I changed the bedside lighting from crystal chandeliers that I found at Ballard Designs with more modern swivel lights I found at Cost Plus mounted above the nightstands. I love them! I love that if one of us is tired, but the other wants to read you can swivel the light over you and read without disrupting the other person. They are fun and funky and just different. I found two nightstands, one from Target the other from Home Goods. I wanted the room to be less matchy match and have more textures which is a big leap for me since I'm a Libra and it's very true that we want everything balanced! At least it is in my case! So I've been venturing out on just putting things I like together and not trying to mind screw everything and mix and match! The Anters above the bed were bought at Target.

I ended up shopping the house and took my white slipcovered chair from the Living Room and put it in the corner next to the bed. Ideally I want a chair like this...we'll see what the Universe delivers for me this time!

I LOVE gallery walls and my go to is IKEA for frames. Totally cheap! Love them. I howeverI totally lose my mind every time I try to do a gallery wall and my walls lose their minds too, because Im one of those broads that just eyeball it and move nails around and hope that just works out for me. Ya, no. It works out after about 50 nail holes in the wall I finally get it right. My girls LOVE going to IKEA to eat for whatever reason!? So we went to IKEA and figured we'd make some dumbass goofy video while we were there. If you missed our Family Fun Night Making Fun Puns at IKEA here it is again!

Click here to watch our IKEA Fun making Puns Shenanigans:

I absolutely love the drapes, and the pull down matchstick style window coverings. All were purchased at IKEA. They have some of the best deals there and long lengths if you have tall ceilings. My favorite photos I incorporated into my gallery wall. Bella the day after her 1st birthday lined up with all the dolls she got for her birthday. Her all dolled up in the backyard...

Top photo is Alessandra and the photo below is my wedding day in a photo we made for our Thank You cards

I still need to get all the matts white for the photos, but for the most part I love how the gallery turned out. All my favorite photos. I got my pillows from Target (white faux fur) and Ross (grey pillow and Live Simple pillow)

The sunbursts on the wall I found at Ross and I LOVE my full length leaning mirror I found at IKEA for only $50!

The throw blanket I got at Home Goods. The place I'm totally obsessed with! I could literally go there daily!

I hope you enjoyed my bedroom reveal! Until my next project!!! Thanks for stopping by!