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Master Bedroom Reveal! New Year, New Life!

Hi, and welcome back to my blog! If you are new here, welcome!

It's finally time for my master bedroom reveal!!! If you want to know how to make a bed that looks like $3,000, in under $500, then keep on reading!

To say I started off 2019 with a bang would be an understatement. At the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve I officially started a new adventure as a single Mom of two little beauties. Everyone has handled the transition so well and it went smoother than I could have ever hoped. Now that my little ladies and I are settled into our new place, I get to do what I love... Design and decorate! We call our new pad, The Diva Den. Even the girl elves came with us and the boy elves stayed at Dad's house. Since our move was in early December they were already here from the North Pole visiting. It was a very complex situation getting them to the Diva Den, being that we couldn't touch them and risk them losing their magical powers. They were tricky to get because of course they were being mischievous hanging from the chandeliers. Using tongs and towels, Dre very cautiously removed them, concentrating ever so intensly so as to make sure she didn't touch them. It was too cute!

I’m still working on the first level of our house, but the upstairs is really shaping up. I absolutely love how it has turned out and it’s exactly what I need at this time in my life. A little sanctuary I can feel zen and calm in. So with all of these major life changes the past year I pretty much took a break from social media. I poured myself into my little girls and prepared for our move to our new home, and that would be why I haven’t posted in, well, a freakin long ass time.

So, the big question is, can your home look bougie on a budget?

The answer to that as far as I am concerned is a big HELL YAASS! That’s my goal in all of my designs. Honestly, I don’t even think if I was rolling in dough that I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on home decor. For one reason, I change my mind every other damn week. So buying stuff used or on the cheap is way more financially responsible for my type of personality. I also LOVE the thrill of trying to find a good deal or recreating a look for a mere fraction of what you would have originally paid. The thrill of the deal is a real thing folks!

Soooooo, I have been OBSESSING (that might be a huge understatement) over Audrina Patridge’s bed as well as her entire bedroom for YEARS. However, the almost $3,000 price tag just for the Lombok Bed Frame from Anthropologie alone was not going work for me, especially since I now had to furnish an entire home on a budget. So let's take a look at my inspiration photos.

Photo Source: mydomaine.com

Now I just need her body too right?! Everybody has to dream...

Photo Source: mydomaine.com

The bed is absolutely stunning up against that dark charcoal wallpaper. I had found some peel and stick wallpaper that looked just like hers at Home Depot, but the cost was absolutely insane. So I chose a gorgeous paint color that is definitely my all time favorite now. It's Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. Isn't it a stunning rich color!

At first it looked like meconium and I was like crap, this literally looks like shit on my wall! However, when the entire wall was done I was immediately in love with the rich tone of this paint color!

I really needed to stretch every dollar I could. I would obsess over any cool carved wall hangings I ran into at Home Goods or TJMAX, but even if I bought multiples of them they wouldn't be wide enough for a king size bed and the amount I would have to buy to make a headboard that big would have cost a fortune. I definitely wanted a king size bed so that wasn’t going to fly. Until, the day I walked into Cost Plus World Market and saw the most glorious white carved wood screen. The heavens opened up and I heard the angels sing. I thought, OMFG that’s it! It’s perfect! The best part? It was half off on sale for $160! Winner winner chicken dinner!

The next thing I did was find a similar wood platform bed from Wayfair.com. It didn’t come in white, but I ordered it in natural wood and put a very light coat of white paint on it, which literally took me minutes. I wanted it to be a light layer of paint so the wood grain would peek through because of the distressing on the panels.

I needed my headboard to be wide enough for a King Size bed. So to accommodate the width of my bed I flipped the screen sideways to optimize the width. Before installing it to the wall I sawed off the legs and removed the hinges. Once it was installed onto the wall I just filled any holes there were with wood putty. Then to top it off and get the extra inches of width I needed I picked a really simple wide floor board and cased it out just like a picture frame. This was literally one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve ever done, and I think it’s definitely an amazing statement piece!

I wanted my room to have a serene bohemian feel with a lot of textures and rich wood tones. I started off by ordering these amazing console tables from Target (sadly no longer available, but I’ll try to find something comparable for you) and had table lamps on either side of the bed at first. However, I realized quickly that they really weren’t easy to reach to turn off and on while in bed. Also, I’m one of those people that needs 500 things next to my bed, and a lamp with a chunky base was really taking up some prime real estate on my nightstand. Even though I had a lot of length with the tables I really needed the entire surface of it accessible for my water, cell phone, and my bowl with all my reader glasses in it, because let’s face it...I’m old as hell and blind as a bat and can’t exactly play words with friends before bed without my readers on. So I ended up going with sconces from World Market to totally free up the table top space. I love that the cord with the switch is so easily accessible and if I’m comfy I don’t have to sit up and move around to turn off a lamp. The console tables have multiple shelves which work great for stowing my computer on the second shelf while it charges. Also, having a drawer to put things in to helps keep things less cluttered.

This 12 string guitar is one of my most prize possessions It was my Grandmother's that she used to play back in Cuba. Every time I walk by it I think of her.

I bought a really affordable ladder shelf off of Amazon that I love. It had literally nothing but shitty reviews, but I like to live life on the edge so I ordered it anyway. I haven’t had any issues with it being flimsy or shelves breaking off like everyone one was claiming. Maybe they just don't have mad skills like I do in the furniture assembling department. The price was so cheap that I felt it was worth the gamble to try it. So far so good! My only complaint is that I ordered the driftwood color and it doesn’t look anything like the photo on Amazon. I thought it would be more white/grey wash like the picture and honestly it just looks like a dark stained oak straight out of the fucking 80’s, but it doesn’t bother me enough to care to return it.

Then I have my cozy little zen corner. I found the chair at Cost Plus and it’s actually quite comfortable! It’s super comfy and my little IKEA pouf is just the right height to be used as an ottoman. My plan is to at some point in my life be a high functioning morning person that gets up early and meditates and sets their intentions for the day...until that day comes I’ll just keep getting up 30 minutes before I have to leave for work and look ratchet most of the day. I might just have to be realistic and have my zen moment before bed.

The window treatments are gorgeous and so affordable! My go to source for draperies is IKEA. You can’t beat their prices and honestly they look bougie as hell. I love the charcoal color and linen feel of these drapes. Then I did a really budget maneuver and opted for a $30 outdoor roll up shade being that I’m currently in a rental and the roman shade I wanted was almost $500! Does it look as impressive as the $500 roman shade? Fuck NO, however, in the grand scheme of things it adds that texture element and elevates the look instead of having those basic bitch white blinds. Gasp. So the white blinds are just hidden behind it.

I found the large area rug that's placed under my bed at HomeGoods. It’s really beautiful, but honestly, I’m not in love with it only because it has a lot of texture. It’s not that comfortable to walk on, but after literally throwing my damn back out getting it under the bed by myself I decided screw it, it’s good enough! I do love the colors in it though!

At the foot of the bed I have the same cabinet I had from my last master bedroom reveal that I found on Craigs List, and SHOCKER...I still haven't waxed it! I almost wish I hadn't painted it, but at the time of buying it I wasn't as into all of the wood tones like I am now. She was a beauty, but she still is though.

So that's the tour of my Bougie on a budget bedroom!

Here's my finished room versus my inspiration photo. I'm still tossing around making faux windows on either side of the bed, but for now I'm really happy with how it turned out!

Drum roll please!!!!

Inspiration Photo

Source mydomaine.com

My design inspired by the photo above which totaled less than $500!

So there you have it! My completed bedroom! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and it just feels so relaxing, zen and on point with the direction I'm taking my life. My bed is amazingly comfortable and big enough for the inevitable dog pile of children cramming in with me at night.

So, let the Diva Den adventures begin!

What do you think?

Hope you enjoyed my bedroom reveal!

Until my next project...

Thanks for stopping by!



Accent Wall Color-Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Console Tables-Target (no longer available) Similar

Round Carved Accent Table-Tuesday Morning-Similar

Brass Glass Bulb Sconces-World Market

Brass Ophelia Mirrors-World Market

Longhorn Wall Art-World Market

Macrame Wall Hanging-World Market

Rattan Chair-World Market

Brass Floor Lamp- Target

Ladder Bookshelf-Amazon

Round Wood Mirror-IKEA


Leaning Wall Mirror-IKEA

Knitted Pouf-IKEA

Curtain Rod-Amazon

Area Rug- Safavieh

Chest at the foot of the bed-Craigs List-Vintage

Lombok Platform Bed (the expensive one)-Anthropologie

Knock off Platfrom Bed-Wayfair

Carved Wood Screen used for Headboard-World Market

Roller Shade-Home Depot