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Easy DIY Ring Light Tutorial

You see DIY ring light tutorials all day long, but I have to tell you, this is ridiculously simple, and UNDER $30 to make! I actually like this ring light better than my expensive $200 Neweer brand ring light.

Here's the supplies list that you'll need. I ordered all of mine on Amazon.com (hyperlinks below)

You will Need:

📷💋 (12) 5" Pieces of Aluminum Foil 📷💋 Shipping Tape 📷💋 18" Wire Craft Wreath (You can also score an 18" wreath in the floral section of Michaels. Don't forget to use their 40% coupon located on their website) 📷💋 Power Supply/Adapter (12v/20w +) 📷💋16.4 ft LED Strip Lights (make sure to use this link or be sure to order the white lights!) This is as simple as wrapping your wire wreath in aluminum foil and applying the self sticking LED strip lights to it, and voila, you have a DIY ring light! I hung mine on my bathroom vanity mirror with a command strip hook, and use a sticky back iphone case that holds my phone directly onto my mirror. This is such an easy set up for Facebook Live makeup tutorials or any type of video or photo set up you need. Get a backdrop for behind you and nobody is the wiser that you are in your vanity using a $30 light setup!!

You can catch my Facebook Live DIY Tutorial here for the quick and easy steps to making one of your own!

Let me know how yours turns out! I'd love to see photos of your set up and how you like your light! Follow me on Facebook and share yours!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time...


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