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A Colorful Mexican Fiesta Party

With Cinco De Mayo just around the corner I thought I'd share with you my photos from a birthday party I hosted for my husband and my next door neighbor. Their birthdays are only one day a part. So it's always a great excuse to throw some kind of party. I used to be an avid entertainer, but for some reason the past few years I slowed down. Perhaps because I'm getting old as hell and it's a lot of damn work, but I really do love trying to transform a space to take people on a transformative journey.

My husband ALWAYS moans about how I get too into the details and nobody will notice. Of course once we throw the party he sees my vision come together and well, he has to eat crow. My parties never disappoint! And he always says how fun the party was and that my decor was on point. Touche my dear...touche...

So let's gaze at the beauty and flair of this Mexican Fiesta party we had last August. Or maybe it was the August before? I'm terrible when it comes to times and dates!!

I probably shouldn't admit this, but yes, I like to 'borrow' things sometimes. Whether I'm hosting a party or just can't find that perfect rug I want for a project, I will well, borrow shit...until I find what I really want or my party has been a success and I no longer need it, but shhhh, don't tell anyone. I mean, you can 'borrow' things from Target for 90 days!!! Like, pillows, rugs and candle lanterns. Ok, let's not open pandoras box and tell you all of my deep dark secrets already right?

I really wanted it to be bright and colorful! I found this adorable over sized wicker swag lamp at IKEA for around $10. You can't beat that price and now I have it for future parties! I borrowed a white pop up from my girlfriend to put a table under and bought cheap IKEA drapes to drape from it. IKEA is the absolute best place to find curtains at a great value!!! I always go there when shopping for drapes. I also use their drapes to make slipcovers and things that need to be hemmed, because quite frankly, I'm just too damned lazy to be bothered with hemming a damn thing.

I DO always try to save money where I can and do DIY projects where at all possible. Such was the case with the emptied enchilada cans as vases stuffed with colorful bouquets from the dollar store. I also used cheap imitation flowers and hot glued them onto a piece of cardboard for my Frida shrine, and of course scored big time on the religious candles at the dollar store too! They always have those!! They're ​​awesome.

It really isn't too difficult to throw a party like this. Just think lot's of color!!! The little paper banners I bought at Party City along with the little paper poufs hanging from the carriage lights out back. We had a great time and drank lot's of margaritas. A great time was had!! As a matter of fact I think I might need to think about throwing another one of these parties soon!!! Especially considering I still have a ton of this stuff in the garage in my hoard...wink wink.

I had so much fun setting it up and really didn't want to take it down!

I played some awesome themed music while I tooled around the yard for days getting the decor just right. Even Sexy Cat had to take a nap, but she found good use of a sombrero. I guess it makes for a comfy bed?

She's too cute.

Hope you enjoy the photos and find inspiration for your own Mexican Fiesta themed party!



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