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Bella and Dre decided they had to have bunk beds and wanted to share a room. So I found some really reasonably priced bunk beds from Walmart, and that was about the extent of their room makeover for a good 6 months. I removed the double bed that was in there and never did anything else. Mismatched dressers and side tables lined the room, and the walls were adorned with tons of random ribbons and oddities they had thumb tacked up. And essentially it looked Like Ken and Barbie and their crew had moved in and taken over the joint. They had so many toys in their room, gigantic doll houses, crap everywhere. In all honesty it was so bad that I just avoided the room altogether, because the complete chaos of it damn near sent me into a flippen breakdown. Basically their room said, My Mom has given up on life, and we're now being raised by wolves.

I'm embarrassed to admit this my friends, but this here, is not a staged photo. GASP.

I'm happy to report, their room is now designed and organized at a level that I feel has restored my title as "Mom, who has her shit together" status.

I don't know about you, but this broad here does NOT work well in chaos and disorder. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be an organizational guru. Far from it!! Truth be told every damn closet and drawer in my house is a hot mess, and when you open any, you better be prepared to spring back in the event of an avalanche. I digress... I finally got inspired, or shall I say, wanted my own damn bed back, so I thought perhaps if I jazzed THEIR room up they would finally sleep all night in their own room, and I wouldn't be trying to find sleep with 4 inches of mattress space, and an elbow or knee in my back. I can't say it worked, but they sleep in their room far more frequently now and I don't need a brown bag or a bottle of wine to keep me from hyperventilating every time I go into their room. So I guess we can chalk it up to a win?

First off, this design was difficult because this room lacks wall space and wall options. I ended up having to put the beds in front of the window which obviously isn't ideal. I thought it would absolutely drive me crazy, but in fact it didn't bother me once I got into the design phase. Sometimes a little bit of aesthetic has to be compromised for functionality. I used every corner and space I could find in their room for added storage and organization. The cute little faux fur foot stool I found at Home Goods is a secret little storage compartment, and yes, I have a slight faux fur addiction, let's just get that on the table right now.

At first I thought, such perfect Barbie storage! Then the light bulb came on. I love it, and let me tell you why! Dre has the most stank ass ratchet smelling feet you have ever smelled!! So that's her shoe storage. It works great and has that added layer of stench control, which we need, because even Scentsy burners can't snuff that stank out.

I was able to use the adorable coverlet with long floor length skirt from Bella's first big girl bed for the lower bunk, which worked perfectly for the purpose of hiding all the massive amounts of SHIT shoved under their bed! I found cheap plastic tubs for stuffed animals, sleeping bags, tall boots, and everything else that was eating up their closet space. They are now nicely tucked out of sight, and exhale, I can breath again.

My favorite storage boxes I found were only $5 at Walmart. They have that adorable black and white lattice print. The new dresser and tall shelving unit are from the IKEA Helmnes line. I used my black and white Walmart boxes on the tall shelves. They are about an inch deeper than the shelves, but since it's up against the wall you can't tell. Also because of it's height it can be used as a night stand or side table for both girls since they like to have water next to their bed at night.

Extra throw blankets and dress up shoes go in there. Some fun things I found at IKEA where the little kitty and pink pillows on their beds, as well as clip on adjustable lights so they can read in bed. Apparently these lights also second as necklace, and sleep mask holders too. Someone else has caught onto this organizational movement too, and her name is Dre!

The dresser is amazing. The drawers slide great and it has tons of storage space. I added shelving above it from IKEA and spray painted the brackets gold to match their wall art. I put some cute photos of them on the shelves and used battery operated string lights on the shelves as well as the bunk beds. It gives the room a cute whimsical feel and works well as a nightlight too.

I installed a wall bracket for their tv and it's adjustable so both can watch it comfortably from their own bunk (or I had their Dad install a bracket might be more accurate). Their VCR is tucked under their dresser for easy reach. I'm going to make a cord cover for the TV in a pale pink material that matches their wall color that I have left over from Bella's nursery window covering. I was able to pull out her old balloon valances from her nursery as well and incorporated them into the design. I love that old pieces are making their way back in. I'm one sentimental chick.

To the right of the bunk bed is a little table I found at Home Goods. It was green in color, but I loved the shape and the design on the front. The girls and I painted it white to match the room and added the storage box underneath. The height of the table and mirrors above it work perfectly for them as a little vanity space. So they have their 500 gazillion trillion lip glosses and whatever else in there nicely organized.

One of the best space saving things I did was to remove the sliding closet doors. The hubs moaned about the fact they would need to be stored in the garage. We can see who won that battle, can't we?? Wink Wink. He has this thing about "his" garage. I'm not sure why? He's not even in there that often, like he has a mancave all up in it or anything, and likes to say I'm a hoarder. I told him I'm not a hoarder until I can't park my car in there anymore. For now, we will call it my organized chaos, but the hubs garage obsession and my hoard is a whole other blog post...

The use of the hanging drapes are much more functional. The sliding doors only allowed access to half the closet at a time. Now they can open the drapes all the way and have access to the entire floor space. So that's where I shoved the damn eyesores known as Ken and the crew, the gigantic Barbie Dollhouse, Frozen themed Ice Castle, and the one hundred Meeeeelion Barbies and Barbie cars they own! It's a win win. Still totally accessible for them to play with, but hidden behind adorable Walmart drapes, and Mom keeps her sanity. #winning

We are all much happier now! And you guessed it! These broads are still all up in my bed...

"I myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions"

Mommyhood can be tough. Thank God for the unconditional love of these babes.

Here's a vlog from my youtube channel. I tell you where all the items are from if you want to shop the room. I'm working on learning how to better film and edit videos so bear with me until then!

Anyhow, It turned out lovely, and there's so much more space now! I can finally breathe! Until then, thanks for stopping by, and click on the the Facebook icon and subscribe to my youtube channel for more updates!

Christine XOXO


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