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I LOVE bacon, but who doesn't? Oh that's right? My youngest daughter Alessandra a.k.a. Dre exclaimed today that she doesn't. She can't really be my daughter can she? I just got done doing the Whole30 (Ok, I made it 22 days...shoot me) so I've been having fun trying new things. After finishing my Whole22 ;P I've decided to go Paleo for awhile and keep it as Whole30 as I can. So I've been obsessing over this video on Facebook of a breadless BLT. So much so I had to go get stuff today to make it. I swapped out the mayo for Wholly Guacamole and it was DELISH!! All you need is some Romaine lettuce boats, put some guacamole on and cherry tomatoes on there and top it off with that glorious bacon. Voila! Just a few ingredients and you have an amazingly delicious sandwich without all the carbs! Try to find sulfite free no sugar added bacon for the healthiest version possible. You can find them at Sprouts and Whole Foods sometimes. Try it and let me know what you think!

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